måndag 18 april 2016

Short ramblings: SINNERS AND SAINTS.

This is one I started to watch late at  night. I was in no mood for sleep and  I had this one lying on the floor for months. Lying there, waiting to be played, waiting to get my attention away  from rewatching Johan Falk-movies and other important shit.

It has lied there silently. Not making any ruccus. Just patiently abiding its time. Knowingly that I love the kind of shit it promise me to deliver.

And I watched it. And it wasn´t bad. I kinda liked it. But no more

The story might be seen as cliched, but it does the job, and the plot is not bad. It is actually kind of good.  But there are some snags that I found to be, not poorly handled, but just kind of meh.

Flanerys character goes on and on about the terrible shit he has done. And when we see what everything is about, it just wasn´t what I expected. He never does anything bad, but his unit does, so I just don´t  feel his guilt tripping.

The action is good. But consists mostly of  people ducking and shooting.with variations. Some good fist fights and wrestling like moves like body slams are satisfying enough. Some kifing and punching combines it to make quite a satisfying package.

I just don´t think the shootouts are all that great. As they are the meat and the potatoes of the film, I was hoping for something with a bit more oomph!  But maybe it was me lying there on my ass on the couch playing the grumpy asshole

The actors do a serviceable job. Johnny Strong especially. he makes for a convincing tough guy. Someone who is rough around the edges.

Its contemporary backdrop is both convincing and a bit scary. the locations are gritty and believable and lends a sort of authenticity to the disparity of the place.

I think I prefer James Lee Burkes take on the Katrina and what it did to New Orleans and to the residents. . Read Tin roof blowdown  as it is both a hard edged crime novel and  existential piece at the same time. A hard book to get through.

The blu-ray looks back at me disappointed that it could not convince me of its greatness. That it never quite fulfilled my appettite for hard boiled crime drama/action.

But I paid attention to it. Not bad, so it have no reason feeling guilty for what it has done to me. It was ok.

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