tisdag 14 maj 2013

Mission Objective:

This is my new blog dealing with actioncinema,all kinds of actionsploitation and all things badass in cinema. From Clint Eastwood to Jason Statham and Tony Jaa. Why? Because action is the most important artform ever. Its language is international and can be crossculturally adapted. A roundhousekick is still a roundhousekick no matter what language. Everyone can understand the awesome power of a good kick to the head or the burning sensation of a third degree burn from a bigass explosion.No misundertandings or translation errors. It just hurts as hell.

I also try my best to be a good writer and not go on any self-indulgent nerd-rampages regarding shit I don´t like. I aim to rise above that. That´s my personal goal with this blog.

I´m not always going to be posting reviews of movies I love, but try to discuss the pros and cons of the individual flicks I look at. English is not my first language so bear with me if  my grammar is not perfect.

I previously wrote on another blog:The Cinemashitter. But, please do not visit it. It´s pretty crappy and could possibly hurt your eyesight by reading some of the reviews there.Not recommended. Eyesight is pretty important. I might repost a few reviews, to see if I have grown as a writer or still  stuck in my old ways of writing shit.  Speaking of shit, my first step on my agenda was removing that very word  in the title of my new blog. At least one improvement. I can´t promise the word won´t appear in my reviews, though. I don´t like to limit my vocabulary.

I´m not sure the title makes any sense, but it sounds action-ey enough and gives an idea about what kind of movies I will be covering. The posting of reviews might be on a unregular basis and take some time to write because I like to do stuff as good as I can before I show them to global actionfans.So no reviews every day, perhaps once a week.

Please give me feedback at how the blog looks and how I can improve it. I consider it,like my writing, a work in progress. 

Stay tuned!

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