onsdag 9 april 2014


Humphrey Bogart, Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Charles  Bronson.What do they have in common?

They are  the toughest of cinema tough guys and you can add Jason Statham to that bunch.
Because Statham is something special in this day and age. He has the very attitude of a very confident shit-kicker in the demeanor and  the stare and I can´t honestly think of another actor working today that has that same old school tough guy roughness.

Which brings us to Parker.Parker is a literary creation of one Donald Westlake (under the pseudonym Richard Stark).Parker is a 100% professional, pragmatic sociopathic machine. The very definition of an antihero. Previously aaforementioned Lee Marvin portrayed the character in an adaptation of the very first Parker novel The Hunter. the film was John Boormans Point Blank from 1967 and is now considered a genre masterpiece. Later efforts include John Flynns The Outfit with Robert Duvall and Brian helgelands Payback starring mel Gibson. But none of these adaptations actually used the name Parker. Parker starring Jason Statham is the first Parker called Parker.

 Parker, directed by Taylor Hackford  is a great vehicle for Statham, because Parker is a no-nonsense kind of tough guy. Parker in the books was a sociopath,  a very well organized one and not at least , very methodical and practical. He could also be intimidating and extremely violent.

I think it´s important to note that I consider this to be more of a crime thriller than an action film. Because it explains a lot of the narrative construction. The character of Leslie is being given quite extraordinary amount of screen time to develop her character. In a more conventional action film her scenes would have been trimmed down. But I think it´s important to understand why she would help a guy like Parker by explaining how desperate she is. Unfortunately the casting of Jennifer Lopez is to the films detriment. I don´t buy her as a down out of luck real estate agent. I don´t think J-Lo has been desperate once in her life. I don´t think she even has tasted it. Cocks, more likely, but not desperate.

The character of Parker has  also been slightly softened up in this adaptation, with Parker giving out hand outs (ridiculous,really)which makes this possibly the worst adaptation of the character to date. What doesn´t help either are Stahams disguises.. His disguises are almost as bad as the ones Bruce Willis used to wear in the Day of the Jackal remake  and the stetson hat is just embarrasing look on him.

I would have to say as an adaptation of a literary tough guy, Jack Reacher was more successful. However, as miscast that film was, this film is perfectly cast. Unfortunately the  integrity of the character suffer from Hollywood chickenshit pussy assholes by making Parker more bland and inoffensive as a character so as not to scare away numbnut audiences who can´t appreciate a good crime film when they see one.

Why I have to suffer because of idiots is simply a narcissistic self indulgent question, but mainstream audiences can suck my nut-sack. Shame really because the film is pretty good. Hopefully, next time they can get the character right.

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  1. Good work sir! Favourite bit is where you say J-Lo has tasted cock but not desperation hahahaha. I think your analysis of the film is very astute. Good work!

    1. Thanks ! I am very proud of the cock-bit ;)